Intelligence: Human and digital

Quote: Flynn’s Log 1: “I’m a new kind of crazy!”

“Rescue Island is beautiful, in a retro digital sort of way.”

“Zombies don’t talk!”

The world is facing a digital crisis and needs a digital hero. Flynn is smart and knows how to save the world, but when he enters the digital world of a popular video game, his memory doesn’t enter with him and he has no idea why he’s there.

Flynn Summary

In Rescue Island, Flynn doesn't know who he is. He befriends Verve and tries to survive, he also meets Zana. In Thorn's Lair, Flynn starts to know who he is, meeting Enzo, and getting basic memories. He learns about the Digital Crisis, which is infecting digital devices. In The Ultimate Form of Life, he learns more about himself. In Offline he doesn't appear, only his body is there, and it's being used by Zana.