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Meta is enchanting a wooden sword, she recites the runes from sharpness one with great care. Gwen tells her to stop. Gwen tells Meta that she was once a great hero. With Viegar's skill, and Gwen's enchantments, the Royal Guard were nearly unstoppable. Gwen asks Meta if she knows of the Bregu. She relies that she heard of it but doesn't know much. Gwen tells her that the Bregu is a stone of unstoppable power. She says that she gave away the shards of the Bregu to many people. Gwen says that she is getting to old to teach people and tells Meta to go to Alfred, one of her former students who she entrusted a shard of Bregu to. Meta goes away and Gwen goes to the forest. While there a half zombie comes at her. He says that his name is Gage. He asks if Gwen can heal him, if he gave her something. He holds out a shard of the Bregu. The one that was never found. She lies that she can fix it and takes the shard, and make the zombie blow up. She gets back her young age and needs the other shards of Bregu so she can be unstoppable. Gwen yells out that she is Gwendolyn now not Gwen.

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