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(This is written by Elle, not Flynn)

Everything lost

Flynn's body woke up. He squeezed Elle's hand so hard that she cried and when Enzo chased after Flynn's body he threw Enzo to the floor with some type of ninja move. Zana in Flynn's body then walked out with their laptop with the plans of the BAD cap on it, the machine that teleported Flynn into the game. The next day all the communications were down. The only thing that worked was the radio. A woman named Gina was in a radio studio when everything happened. She's to scared to go out. She says that there are cars left on the road and restaurants were closed because they didn't have fresh food. The ones that were opened couldn't accept credit cards.


The next day the power came back on. When she opened her web browser she saw "Flynn". In a video Zana(in Flynn) explains about a world invivitas. She tells them to wear the bad caps which she renamed the Invivitas Crown. She says that if you wear it all the pains of life. She says everybody with a 3d printer will get filaments to make the crown. Someone then leaves a box with filaments inside to make things outside.

LOT, logic on threads.

Elle makes a program to let LOT and herself talk to each other.Elle sends LOT to the hospital to find Enzo. While communicating a knock come on the door to give the Invivitas Crowns she made. Elle bluffs her way out and gets another hour. Elle and LOT make modified crowns that will let them communicate. She puts one on a stray cat. She gives the modified crowns to the person. after he leaves LOT uploads Verve into the cat. Then the next time he comes Elle put Simon into a truck. Elle puts a modified crown on Gina so they can communicate. She finds where Enzo is, with a doctor. After she leaves she meets Vile. Vile disagrees with Zana and wants to get rid of technology. While running to Simon the truck Elle trips and blacks out. When she wakes up she sees Flynn. Next to her there's Enzo. Elle has two choices to take the cap of Flynn or put one on Enzo. She tells LOT to transmit the log and grabs the crown.

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