Flynn, is doing Zen. He's in the cave from The Ultimate Form of Life, and he tries to make a a.i. like Simon. He makes a small robot. He tells it to become yellow. Flynn adds a wheel under the robot to make it move, and an eye to let it see. Flynn decides to name it Q. Flynn and Q go in a portal and land in Thorn's Lair. Flynn hears a voice saying welcome. A girl named Ava welcomes Flynn to the game Invivitas. However, they think Flynn, and Q are strange and try to capture him. They take Q but Flynn escapes. He goes into the sea below and goes to Rescue Island. However everything there that Flynn made is destroyed. They are replaced with skyscrapers.

Lead or leave

He goes into Thorn's Lair, following his tunnel he made in Rescue Island. Inside Flynn finds Zana. She explains that she can't find Elle, and Enzo. Ava walks in led by Enforcers. When Zana tels Ava that Flynn is Flynn, she is surprised. Flynn, is given back Q. Ava tells Flynn, to either lead or leave. Flynn decides to leave. Ainsley, and Ava are surprised, Ainsley captures Q. Flynn decides to help because he doesn't want Q to be in danger.


People give thanks to Flynn for deciding to help them. Ainsley lets Q go. However she insults Flynn about not helping people. Ava, tells Flynn her story. She says when she first arrived in the game, many people didn't have much. Ava built groups and made order in the game. Many kids made big building, while the adults made boring dirt huts. Flynn tells the people that this is their new beginning. He inspires them and tells them that he's going to make a zen den. They walk to a sand dune, and decide to make the zen den the next day.

Zen Den

Flynn has a dream about Simon. Flynn is chasing Simon but Flynn can't keep up. Simon falls into the abyss and is gone. Flynn wakes up because of Q. Q says that Flynn was yelling Simon in his sleep. They start to build the zen den. After they're finished, Q goes back to the city. After he leaves Flynn spots someone coming towards him.


Flynn finds out that a girl named Alice was following him. She tells Flynn about how people are wanting to leave, and shut down invivitas. Flynn is worried about what would happen to him. His physical body