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Flynn wakes up with his head in the sand hearing ringing. He gets attacked by a spider. He goes into the water and learns that he needs air to survive. He swims to an island and spend the night there. He names places and thinks about tools he needs. When its morning again he gets some stuff that he will need. He then makes a house. He goes in and begins to feel hungry. He starts to dig and gets some iron. When he hears groaning he quickly goes back into his house. He cooks the ores and makes a iron axe and sword.


While exploring he finds a ocelot who is friendly even though it wasn't tamed. Flynn is happy to have a new companion. He later names it Verve, who later gets a baby. However the kit runs away. While Flynn is mining later a creeper blows up killing Verve. He digs up and gets out of his now ruined mine. He says he will find and care for her kitten. He finds her kitten and names it Khan.


Flynn has rotten flesh and goes to sleep, having a nightmare. When he wakes up he sees a zombie villager, who says that her name is Zana. Zana gives Flynn food then writes in his log how she came to be She says that she came in here as a villager. When se got attacked by a zombie instead of dying she changed into a zombie villager. When Flynn wakes up he sees Khan. Then everything turns dark, then turns back to normal. Flynn wonders what that was. He checks his log to see Zana's message. He makes a empty room for Zana, suddenly Zana comes. Flynn asks her questions about Verve, Zana says that she doesn't know Verve. When Flynn asks what was the spider that attacked him. Zana says that the spider was Thorn. She warns Flynn not to go near because she was dangerous. Flynn asks what his destiny is, Zana replies he has to connect the worlds so he can go back to the physical world.


Zana tells Flynn to find a portal. Weeks pass, while Flynn is mining he finds diamond, as he goes back he finds a spider jockey. He gets hit my a arrow and everything goes dark. Flynn wakes up and Zana tells that she healed him. Flynn says that he doesn't want to go back to the physical world. Zana convinces him to find a portal.


He crafts his diamond into a full set of armor. While mining once again skeletons attack him. He gets to a place where there's mobs on one side and lava and a portal on the other. Flynn jumps into the nether portal thinking if he will lose contact with Zana or will it take him home, or if it will take him to another realm.

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