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Welcome to the Stone Marshall Wikia Chief!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! <hero description="Stone Marhsall" imagename="" cropposition=""></hero>Stone Marhsall is and author that makes books about minecraft. Visit his website here His first book, Flynns Log rescue island(Free on the ibooks store.) came out on April 15, 2014. He made Flynns log 2-4 then started making Legends and Heroes. You can get his books on ibooks, and wherever ebooks are sold. Buy his books today!

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FL5 out for preorder!

New book coming out soon! The name and cover art is revealed . It's called Quest For Zen! Coming out on December 25

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Major Cleanup on the wiki, infoboxes for characters, etc. Also cleanup on the homepage, including tabbers!!!

Happy Thanksgiving! Here's your present, I (Killer7012/Andrew)added quick-flip. On the bottom of every book page you can simply tap the name of a book and bam! You're there. Try it out here. Also Templates!!!!!!!!

Changed navigation to photo click. Also added weekly polls!

The Young Archer released! New character, Lara, and her mother and father!

Wiki added to Stone Marshall Website

Wiki complete with summaries and info of every book and character

Flynn's Log 5 coming on Christmas!!!

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