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Dane is a blacksmith's apprentice, in fact the apprentice of the best Blacksmith, Viegar. He feels bored though. He wants to be an adventurer. Luckily he has another apprentice that works with him, Snip. Snip goes outside to trade things with travelers. Then after Snip leaves a man comes in with blond hair, the royal coat of arms and full diamond armor. Dane eavesdrops on the knight and Viegar. The knight asks if Viegar will join the coat of arms again. Viegar reply's no. When the knight asks him to make a weapon with a metal, Viegar agrees. The door opens and the knight says his name is Gavin. Viegar tells Dane to go and see why Snips taking so long. When Dane gets there he tells Snip to go back and then a old man asks him to help him set up camp. The man offer him pork chop and they eat while the old man tells him stories about his past. When he gets back Viegar tells him not to a mold, and to make sure the fire doesn't die down. Dane goes to sleep and when Viegar tells him to get some charcoal to get the fire up, he trips on one and falls into the forge. When Dane wakes up he's covered with metal. When he is curious about how he is still alive Gavin says it might have been something to do with his necklace, one given by his mother. Gavin says that if Dane wants to go with him he may. Dane agrees and gets a hammer from Viegar. Then Dane rides away with Gavin.

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