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Treacherous Mountains

The trio are traveling north to the Treacherous Mountains. Flynn has a dream of a Ender Dragon carrying him and gets knocked out. When he wakes up he's on a horse and yells in surprise. Simon says to be careful and quiet. He lets Simon use his horse, Simon says that there's a village nearby and it has something that he needs. Later they reach a hole. Simon jumps in but at that moment the sun rises. Zana catches on fire and Flynn quickly throw her down into the hole to Simon's voice, Simon catches her safely. Then they have to do parkour to get to the village. When they get to the village there's no one in sight. Simon says that it's strange and tells Zana and Flynn to hide. Later they see Simon signaling for them to come.


They go into a lab, Simon closes the door and tells them that Akshar is trapped. They go into another room and see a cage made out of obsidian with a villager inside. The floor splits and they fall into a narrow hole. Inside they begin to argue. Flynn takes the egg from Zana and hears this, “Sluip, sluip, ssssss, hisss . . . silence . . . "Zana, are you listening? I know you are . . . know your digital fingerprint . . . You have . . . the wrong . . . You will pay for destroying the guardian spider . . . what are you planning with the code? . . . Hackers will be defeated . . . Vile is gaining power . . . don't interfere with . . . plan . . . digital crisis is working . . . don't choose the wrong side . . . soon I will control . . . WHO IS IN CONTACT WITH THE EGG!?"

Intelligence Day

Then there is an explosion and the egg becomes lost. After Simons ays that he feels strong but Zana is in pain. Simon opens the door to escape but monsters attack. Flynn holds up Thorn's hand and makes a force field. They heal Askhar and Askhar makes Zana back into a regular villager. They use a tnt cannon and escape. Zana explains to Flynn about the Ultimate Form of Life. While talking Zana reveals that she made the digital crisis. Zana calmly answers that she calls it intelligence day.

Battle of the Dragons

Flynn tries to kill Zana until mobs come. Flynn finds Verve again and fights the mobs. After the battle Flynn tries to kill Zana but Simon jumps in the way and gets killed. Flynn hits Zana with a light and Zana disappears, however Flynn is uncertain if she's dead. After Flynn becomes sad and wonders why he killed her. While mining Flynn finds Simon, Enzo, and two other people he doesn't recognize. The female player say's that she's Elle. and the other says he's Sage. Sage verifies that Flynn's Flynn. Flynn gives back Simon's stuff. Sage then says that they have a security breach and points at Khan. Khan goes into a portal. Zana and the hackers fight with dragons, the hackers with two purple dragons, and Zana with a white dragon. Zana drops Sage into the abyss. Flynn tells Zana which portal leads into his body. Zana enters the portal, Elle says that Flynn's hand is squeezing her hand, and Enzo says his eyes are opening!

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