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The Ladder

Flynn gets out in the Nether. He gets attacked and after running he finds a bunch of mobs. He causes chaos among them so they kill each other he climbs up a ladder that reaches high up in the air. At the top he sees a nether portal.


Flynn steps out to see a villager, a smart one that talks to him. He seems to know Flynn but Flynn doesn't recognize him. He sulks and walk away. Flynn tries to interact with the villager to coax him to stay. As soon as Flynn asks if he can share a story the smile returns to his face. Flynn asks if theres somewhere to talk, the villager replies to go to the arcade. He gives Flynn fizzy water. When Flynn doesn't remember him once again, he tells Flynn that he made him. He says that his name is Simon named after Synthetically Intelligent Modified Nomad. He says he exploited code to make him intelligent. Simon says that he will go to Sage because Simon can't tell Flynn much because he doesn't have the code.


Flynn thinks trying to recover memories. He remembers he made LOT, Logic On Wheels. Flynn gave it artificial intelligence so it will know certain things. He remembered he made it with someone named Enzo, he also remembers a girl, Elle. Later Zana comes with Khan and then goes away. Enzo, his player not himself, comes with Simon. He tries to explain stuff but since Flynn doesn't have the code and he made them swear not to tell anybody anything without the code.


Flynn, Enzo, and Simon go to find Thorn's Lair. Zana and Khan returns to help them, however Enzo and Simon don't trust her. When Zana disappeared he goes to find her only to be attacked by spider and cave spiders. He fends them off until Thorn comes from above. With the help of Enzo and Simon he fends off Thorn for the moment. He goes to Thorn's Lair to find a chest containing a egg. He goes under the chest and blows it up. They fight against Thorn. Enzo dies while telling Flynn not to trust someone. While Flynn is under attack by Thorn, Zana saves him. She says she has the egg and will keep it for safekeeping. He orders Simon to take him to Sage.

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