Intelligence: Randomly generated digital intelligence

Quote: Flynn’s Log 1: “When I say I live in this realm, I mean that. I am not physically alive, but I am intelligent. Life means to exist, to function, and to have capacity for growth. I fit this description. I can modify my own data. I can program myself, change and grow. Humans cannot reorganize their data. If they could, they could rearrange DNA and cure all forms of physical ailments. Humans are not as evolved as intelligent data, like me.”

Zana enters Flynn’s digital life at a time when he needs her the most. She gives him help and direction, but she is also very frustrating.

 Zana Summary

In Rescue Island, Zana appears to Flynn. She gives him advice about his destiny, she doesn't return until Thorn's Lair. In it, she brings Khan back to Flynn, in Arcade Village. She helps Enzo, Simon, and Flynn, take down Thorn. However she keeps the egg. In The Ultimate Form of Life it is revealed that she started the digital crisis. In Offline, she takes over Flynn's body, and transfers people into Minecraft.